Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Central Park 2 Gurgaon - Update: March 2011

The hyper-delayed project Central Park 2 continues to crawl at an extremely slow pace. Expect further reduction in speed as Holi approches this month and a lot of their labor force will vanish for a few months.
Not only this, the prices of properties in the project have also stalled and started showing a down-ward trend with word getting out that the builder has compromised on promises, quality and features.

Here are the latest pictures:

Tower 10 - Which was promised for delivery in Dec 2010 with interiors matching that of sample apartment. Owners will be lucky if they get possession somewhere in 2013.

The beautiful 20 Acre Central Garden for which Crores worth of PLC has been charged. It is now becoming evident that the Garden is not even 9 acres. If you believe it is 20 acres, try to get a written statement from the builder that the central garden will be exactly 20 acres as promised.

Tower 7 that was promised for delivery in Oct 2010, then Dec 2010 as final, than Jan 2011, then Feb 11... half the buildings interiors are not complete. Notice Tower 8 next to it?

Tower 8 is a mystery no one is able to solve. From rumors of structural defect including bulging on walls to contractors running away for non payment, we've heard it all. Fact is, there's no progress so far and it's unlikely to be ready before July - Aug 2011.

After 5 years of construction, 2 more floors have been added to Belfort towers in the past couple of months. Can't predict when they'll be ready.

The swimming pool around towers 7,8 and 9 - no construction work on this yet. How will residents of these towers live in them with a dangerous, incomplete structure in between?

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  1. We are now hearing that the Central Garden will be about 6 acres only. A reduction of 70%! The remaining space will be used up by new Towers.