Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Phase 1 not complete in Central Park 2 by March 2011 also

Phase 1 of Central Park 2 was launched on 16 Nov 2004 with the following promise "The approximate time required for handling over the possession of the apartment is 3 years from commencement of construction. The estimated date of commencement of the construction is 30th April 2005"

It is now 15 March 2011 and not only is the construction incomplete, the builder has retorted to openly lying to its customers. They recently updated their website with the words "Possession offered for Towers 1 to 9" and added some pictures to show that towers 1 to 9 have been completed here http://centralpark.in/central-park-bellevue-p1-wip.asp
This is the picture presented by them:
Please see that towers 7, 8 and 9 are cleverly shown as complete. Let us tell you the truth.

No possession has been offered for these towers. Here's a video showing the status in Feb 2011:

This is an actual picture of towers 7 & 8 as of 15 March 2011:

Tower 8 has been painted partially from outside just so that a picture could be clicked to post on their website. Inside tower 8, none of the apartments are anywhere near ready. Even in tower 7, the top 5 floors are incomplete, you can see it in this picture:

In tower 9, only the 2nd floor apartments are ready from the inside, everything else is pending. Even if these towers become ready, the surrounding area is totally incomplete. Here's a look at the swimming pool area:

and the entrance to towers 7,8 and 9 :

It will be several months before these towers are completely ready.  Not only this, the builder hasn't delivered promised infrastructure such as Clubhouse, EWS quarters, Creche, Nursery & Primary School etc for Phase 1 of Central Park 2 yet.  Even the towers that have been delivered for possession are full of defects and owners are shocked at their pathetic conditions. 

In such circumstances, owners are left with very little choice but to take further action as necessary.

Please do come for the RWA meeting on 27th March 2011.

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