Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 2011 Update: Construction is still on for tower 7,8 & 9

A builder can get away with a lot of things in Gurgaon. One of them is to offer possession and ask for all payments when the construction is not even over. Central Park 2 has sent letters for offer of possession for towers 7 - 9 asking all  owners to take possession and pay their balances.

Meanwhile, one of our members visited the site and here is a photo album of all the pictures:

Click to View Photo Album of Tower 7-9 in Central Park II on 15th April 2011

These photos clearly show the towers are months away from being completed.
The promised swimming pool in front of towers 7,8 & 9 that was to be complete by 31st May 2011 is lying abandoned and no work has started on it. It's being barricaded and it's unlikely residents will be able to use it this summers-

Instead of demolishing the wall in front of towers 7,8 &9, the builder decided to provide a temporary access gate till the wall could be demolished. After paying Crores of Rupees as PLC charges for Central Garden, you get a 3 feet wide gate as if some the builder is obliging owners:

Speaking of the Central Garden, here's a grand Panoramic view of what it looks like today. Remember, you've paid through your nose for this :

The towers 19 through 26 are just at their early foundation stage. There's a lot of dust in the whole area making it impossible to live in towers 7 - 9 till this work settles down.

And for Belgravia owners of towers 10 - 14, the ordeal will continue for a very very long time, you can see the progress (or no progress) here.

Pictures were taken on 15th April 2011. Click on photos to see larger version.

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