Thursday, April 21, 2011

Central Park 2 Gurgaon - The Gold Standard of Living

Central Park 2 advertises the project as  "The Gold Standard of Living".  Do you know why?

Look at this video and see what residents are going to be treated to for a long time

The builder could AT LEAST have ensured that excavation work of other towers was done before residents were asked to move in. Even now, the excavation is being done for some towers, the 2 central towers are NOT being excavated. Those two towers will be excavated ONLY after residents of towers 7,8 & 9 move in so that they can also be given the Gold Standard of Living treatment.

How does a resident live in such conditions? By the end of the day, the entire apartment is FULL OF DUST.  

The builder should make attempts to complete the excavation of ALL towers including central 2 towers immediately. 

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