Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Update Aug 2011: Central Garden Work Starts

Aug 2011 : The work on the Central Garden has started in Central Park 2.  Even before the work started, a controversy has been unleashed, while the builder has always claimed the Central Garden to be 20 Acres, the sanctioned layout plans show the size of the area to be 8.1 Acres. 
Central Garden in Central Park II - 20 Acres or 8.1 Acres?
The development of the garden will take a long time from the looks of it, at least it's begun in right earnest. 
Meanwhile, construction of towers in 10 - 14 is at it's slowest pace ever. In fact, no progress is visible for the past few months, at this rate there will be a significant delay in finishing these towers and it's unlikely they will be complete in 2012.
Tower 10 to 14 as on Aug 2011
If you see the progress of towers 15 to 19, that's even more appalling. For some reason, towers 18 and 19 are just not being made at the same pace as other towers.
Towers 15, 16 and 17 under construction in Aug 2011

Towers 18 and 19 in Aug 2011. When will they be ready?
Basement construction work for towers 20 - 22 has just started while excavation till towers 26 is complete. 
Basement of Towers 20-22 in Aug 2011

The only thing that's been completed is the Swimming pool in front of tower 7 to 9. The possession of apartments in towers 8 and 9 is being given and owners are busy sorting out defects and flaws.

Swimming pool with kids pool and changing room.
Builder has also completed their ambition of completely segregating the residents of tower 1 to 9 by building a wall near the entrance gate, preventing access to Belfort or Belgravia. Of course, this is despite all the protests of the RWA formed by residents. It remains to be seen how this matter is resolved.

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  1. Builder is taking us for a ride.He thinks he can do whatever he likes and no one can ever touch him. But I think one fine day HE shall have to face the consequences for his MISDEEDS.