Thursday, September 15, 2011

Water flooding in Central Park II

This is video of the area's that have cement nets and grass in front of Towers. There is absolutely no drainage system in place, how did these buildings in Central Park II Gurgaon get approval for occupancy?
Besides the area in front of towers, the entry roads to Tower 1 to 9 also get completely flooded and have already got damaged. Someone seems to have executed the towers without planning for rain water drainage at all.

If this wasn't enough, the basements of buildings get completed flooded in Central Park II. Despite all the complaints by residents who are unable to park cars there, no action has been taken to repair these badly constructed buildings. Most of the water pipes in the basement, including the firefighting water supply pipes and drain water pipes leak as if there are big holes in them. The expansion joints between buildings also have been left untreated and water flows through them. Many shafts also pour water into the basements.
The builder seems to be passing time so that their one year defect liability period gets over. During this one year, these issues have been highlighted many times but no action has been taken to fix them.

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  1. The location of the Central Park resorts is ok, however the project is not fully developed yet and I’ve heard quite a few complaints regarding delayed deliveries. So I would suggest to interested buyers, to only book after the construction is completed.