Sunday, January 15, 2012

Central Park II - Status of Tower 1 to 9 in photos

Possession of apartments were offered from Oct 2010 onwards.  These are the conditions in which residents are finally living at Central Park II.
Construction material blocking walkways

Construction material - left everywhere randomly

Contraction material - hazard to cars at night

Construction material - hazard to children

Left incomplete and unattended

Repairs in buildings due to seepage 

Open pits left uncovered

Work still in progress

Damaged Badminton Court

Damaged Tennis Court

Damaged Tennis Court

Most Staircases are like this

Construction material all over

Open Drains in many places

Uncovered drains 

Open Pitholes - dangerous at night

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  1. Hi, I bought my flat at CP II, which in the brochure showed vast green expanses, garden view etc. However, now it appears that it’s still under construction stage. It was a disappointment. Now I am only hoping that once it’s ready it will look the way it was promised. On the up side, the amenities are quite satisfying. I am happy with the aesthetics.