Sunday, September 9, 2012

Construction Update - Sept 2012

This is an update on the construction status of Central Park 2 in Sohna Road Gurgaon as on Sept 2012.
For tower 1 to 9, while structure work has been completed and residents have started living (over 200 families so far), a lot of construction is still pending.  The clubhouse, nursery school, EWS quarters, creche etc are all pending - only the work on clubhouse was going on.

For about the past 1 month, all construction work has stopped because of some Court Order preventing use of bore-well water etc.  Even the work on clubhouse of Tower 1 to 9 has been stopped along with work of Tower 10 to 26, we believe a lot of construction sites in Gurgaon are facing similar issues.

For towers 10, 11, 12 & 14, the final finishing work is on. The interior work is being done but our estimate is that  no one will be able to move into these towers before July 2013.

For towers 15 to 19, the status is even worse, it might take over 1.5 years to complete them as structure work is still going on. 

The status of Tower 20 to 26 is show below.  Lets assume 2.5 years before anyone moves into them. That would be somewhere around March 2015. 

The plot for 2 Bel Air Towers is just lying vacant as seen here, these towers have not yet been launched at it's impossible to give any kind of estimate on when they would be ready until the work starts. 

 Due to all this construction going on, the incomplete Central Garden has no future. It is neither accessible by existing residents, nor can it be completed.

While all these delays continue, residents of Belgravia are now getting together to drag the builder to court. This is in addition to existing cases filed by Bellevue owners.

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  1. Don’t go for Central Park. They make too much delay in delivering the property. Apparently their construction speed is quite sluggish. I was promised possession in July 2014, but it’s not furnished completely.