Thursday, February 14, 2013

Construction Update - Feb 2013 - Central Park 2

This is an update on the construction status of Central Park 2 in Sohna Road Gurgaon as on Feb 2013. 

For Tower 1 to 9, although approx 300 families are living in the complex, there has been no progress in completion of common facilites. The builder has not created the club, nursery school, creche, EWS quarters, Primary school etc which fall in the Tower 1 to 9 area. The multipurpose halls on rooftops of Tower 3 & 4 were also not handed over to RWA. The roads in the area were completely damaged by the builders trucks, yet no repairs have been done to them so far. There is water leakages in all basements and seepage in due to poor quality of construction in most apartments. Overall ,the condominium is in a sorry state of affairs and the residents are completely dejected.

Image in Feb 2013. See the previous post of Sept 2012 - almost same.
For Towers 10 to 19, it seems like the possession of all these 9 towers will be given together - maybe in a year time. It's very difficult to predict when these towers will be completed - because the exterior hasn't seen much changes in the past 1 year and the interiors are fully done up - which takes a lot of time.  The best prediction could be March 2014 before anyone could live here, if it happens before that, great! Towers 10-12 have seen some progress but Tower 17 - 19 have a lot of work pending in them.

A fence is being created to prevent Tower 10-19 residents from accessing the construction area. The central garden is partially dug up because of the foundation work of the central two towers. The location of the foundation suggests the towers are not being created as per previous plans or as per what was shown in initial brochures etc - which is sure to attract some litigation.  These towers will take at least 3 to 4 years, based on past records, to be completed.

For Towers 20 to 26, the structure work is in progress and the structure should be ready within 2013. It might be somewhere in 2015 by when these towers could see some sort of completion, provided everything remains stable, including the economy, legal status of the project etc.

This is what the whole site of Central Park 2 looks like in Feb 2013 - 8 and half years after it was launched.

Due to the random layout changes made by builder and other issues, the Residents Association has gone to court, wherein the court has instructed the Govt agencies involved to resolve all the issues within 3 months time.  You can see in the updated map that layout of all Tower 20 to 26 have been changed and now the layout of central two towers also seems changed. 

Overall, it looks like the entire project might get completed by 2018. Till that time, all residents will have to live amidst the construction dust during the day, noise & lights at night, besides the issue of poor security. During this time too, residents will have to suffer the abysmal quality of construction including faculty lifts, broken roads,water leakage in basements, lack of proper management of affairs etc. 

Did someone say "The Exclusive Resort that is your home?" Welcome!


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  2. I was about to buy at CP-3.Should i invest in CP-3 low rise slilt+4 approx 1cr.They are promising to deliver it by 2022 but after reading your blog entries ,I dont have any hopes left.